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BASIL Networks development team has over 30 years of experience in the design and development of systems, computer peripherals, instrumentation and market research. Our product designs are used in research, development and manufacturing, from low to high volume manufacturing processing, to automated testing of computer peripheral boards. We offer our clients continuous communication and support throughout the entire development, implementation and service cycle, from the initial RFQ through the completed design and maintenance. Continuous communication is established and maintained through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) port directly connected to our development site. The VPN assigned portal has a separate firewall and encrypted point to point for privacy and security. Access to the directory is controlled at the single user or individual level at the request of our clients. All secure documentation such as contracts and specifications etc. are also encrypted for an added security level and assigned unique access keys for controlled access. In today's information age product design and development security is very important in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Our commitment to our clients success is our most important product. BASIL Networks offers a unique solution for our clients by extending their resources, blending smoothly with our clients internal procedures and documentation system and by creating an on-line information cell specifically for our clients in order to provide instant access to the project status data. With this type of communications there are very few unexpected obstacles or delays. If you wish to discuss your requirements with us, at your convenience, please feel free to contact us ant any time to setup a meeting, either by E-mail or by the US postal system contact us .

All BASIL Networks quotations are valid for a maximum of 60 days from submission. In order to maintain timelines specified in RFQ's, BASIL Networks automatically schedule RFQ's to begin within 30 days of submission. RFQ's that do not become active within 30 days are placed in an inactive hold status for an additional 30 days to complete the 60 day cycle. RFQ's after 60 days are deactivated and must be resubmitted.



BASIL Networks offers a turnkey solution for your process control system requirements. If you need a one of a kind process system for a short term product or you want to develop a system to manufacture and sell as a finished product to be part of your product line, then we are the ones to talk to.  From the initial evaluation, through the specifications process, through the design, build and validation process, to our clients acceptance or the system, we have the resources to deliver the system on time and to specifications. Request Info



BASIL Networks offers contract services for the design and development of peripherals for a variety of bus architectures including PXI, CPCI, PCI, ISA and OBIA (Open Bus Interface Architecture) and the users custom bus architecture. We create initial specification documentation to our clients requirements based on RFQ's and several design meetings. From the documentation, we design, build, test and develop production intent prototypes. Our smooth interface with our clients current in-house documentation system assures our clients in house control. Custom one time designs and small builds follow a different design process than the product design process. One time builds are considered lab and development peripherals and have a shorted prototype design and build time line.   Request Info



BASIL Networks offers custom instrumentation design and development for those instrumentation requirements that are not COTS available. If your company is interested in manufacturing a new product, we have the resources to meet your development needs and instrument specifications.  If your custom instrument requirements are less than 20 units or a single one time build, then we will present a faster turn around cycle.  Design and Development of a stand alone or single run build of an instrument follows a faster development cycle. For volume production instruments our standard process for implementing to your ISO-9000 system of documentation requires a different development cycle.  Request Info        Top



BASIL Networks offers market research resources for product research, evaluation, feature comparisons and a competitive analysis.  Accurate information on competitive products can and often does give marketing leverage to manufacturers as well as educate the consumer on the required features, performance and price expectations from potential customers.  Request Info



BASIL Networks offers services to design and integrate our systems as well as your current systems and instruments to be monitored and controlled on a Secure Local Area Network.  We offer services to evaluate your current systems and instrumentation and create a networking status report detailing what would be required for network integration. Today' engineering and development facilities have to communicate effectively in order to avoid duplication of design efforts. A secure server for Research, Development and Product design insures communication throughout your organization and gives your company a time to market leverage.  This also allows Engineering, Research and Development to run independently of production while supplying secure crucial manufacturing information.  Basil Networks offers Linux and MSWindows® server services including system design, system integration build and installing a cost effective solutions. Our network servers incorporate Apache® Web Servers with integrated PHP, Java, XML, HTML, HTTPS, SSL capability. We incorporate Postfix Mail servers with IMAP and POP3 capability along with integrated MySQL® database services for the research, product design and manufacturing environment.  Request Info



BASIL Networks introduced several software tools for developers and will continue to expand their software tool products for single purchase and site licensing.  Our site licenses are a onetime licence forever for the revision purchased.  If updates are requested the site a small nominal fee is charged for the upgrade.  If you are a potential client  interested in custom OEM software products,  Request Info         Top

Programmers &


We are now in the age of Embedded architecture applications and the industrial environment in this area is extremely factious.  With the outsource of device fabrication changes to the device architecture happen more frequently now that the new fab houses have a more flexible manufacturing process offering.  Development pressures are high for larger companies to get the product on the market.  As many of us are aware this happens with risks attached.  The lost time for rework and the disappointment of the customer is not something that is easily repaired.  Building trust with development tools is a time and experience proposition between the tool manufacturer and the developer using the tool.  Request Info



BASIL Networks OEM licensed designs allow manufacturers to keep the competitive edge as well as free up their internal resources. Identifying the current market trends and technology,  Our initial first time OEM licensed designs are published here until the first license is confirmed. At which time they are removed and private inquiries are made to us from that time on. Our OEM products presented by appointment only along with a full marketing analysis of the products. If you are a potential client interested in custom OEM product,  Request Info         Top



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