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BASIL Networks offers services as an industrial resource to companies handling multiple projects yet operating under limited resources.  BASIL Networks is a multi-disciplined company addressing long lifecycle product lines both hardware and software OEM development in the areas of DC to RF high speed analog and digital design, data collection and generation, A/D/A Data acquisition & process control systems, CAM, Sensor Research & Development, Network

One of the major areas of up-grading equipment to new technology is the previous equipment interface specifications.  Many mature products do not require changing the main production forming machines that assemble the mature product.  However the controlling equipment running that machine may be outdated and require replacement. the original manufacturer is no longer supporting that equipment or may even be out of business.  BASIL Networks offers a real cost effective interim solution allowing a continued ROI on existing equipment while the next generation is released.  BASIL Networks offers CPLDs and FPGA development that will match hardware and software catered specifically to the design.  Our "middle ware" or firmware designs interface with your current technology making the upgrade of your product lines easier and cost effective.  

In addition BASIL Networks offer services for custom peripherals which includes a wide spectrum of platforms such as PCI, PCIe, PXI,PXIe, CPCI, CPCIe,  ISA, VME / VXI, USB and WiFi, featuring turnkey cost effective solution to OEM product development and support.

BASIL Networks is a multi-disciplined company addressing the following design and development areas.

  • OEM Product Line Design Services with expertise in,
    - Sensor interface design & development
    - Data collection system design & development
    - SCADA systems design & development
    - Custom Test Instrumentation Design & Development
    - Peripheral Instrumentation Design & Development for Laptops, Desktops, Blade, PCI.PCIe, VXI, and many others.
    - Software Product Design
  • Embedded processor product design -SoC, PSoC, SiP.
  • Product Market Research & Comparison.
  • Turnkey production ready product design.
  • Hardware application design.
  • Software application design.
  • AES256 Encryption incorporated into API development
  • Device driver development.
  • Intranet / Internet Web Development for Product.
  • Server/Client Network & Security Design.
  • Automotive product design and manufacturing.
  • Automotive under hood power controller design.
  • DDS design and implementation.
  • FPGA, CPLD Embedded Design.
  • Phase Lock Loop (PLL) design.
  • PCB design and layout services class 1, 2 & 3 up to 16 layers standard,  17 to 36 layers optional.

BASIL Networks also offers consulting and business services to compliment it's design expertise.   Top

  • Interim Consulting Services - Technical evaluation and screening for full time hires
  • Contract Consulting Services - Filling your needs immediately
  • Product Design Consulting Services - Product evaluation and report generation
  • Experienced engineering management
  • Experienced project/product management
  • Experienced leadership coach
  • In-House and On-Line seminars and training
  • Technology Products Business Plan development
  • Perform market research for new product opportunities.
  • Create a business plan for new technology and product areas.

BASIL Networks is a research and development company featuring turnkey cost effective solution to OEM product development and support.  BASIL Networks is ready to address your needs and look forward to giving you our commitment to -

  • Perform conceptual design and host a presentation of your requirements.
  • Design and develop the prototypes both hardware and software.
  • Make product design additions and modification for fine tuning of market areas.
  • Complete DFM turnkey production ready product designs.
  • Setup manufacturing for in-house manufacturing and or outsourcing.
  • Adhere to and respect the needs of your companies established timeline.

BASIL Networks in-house development tool capability is outlined in the Development Tools section.

To better acquaint you with the nature of our services, this web site presents several designs developed by Sal Tuzzo at BASIL Networks.  These designs have been released by Sal and are the sole property of BASIL Networks.   Some of these designs contain intellectual property, therefore, commercial use of these designs require the specific written permission and authorization of BASIL Networks.  In support of academic growth, BASIL Networks authorizes students and education facilities to utilize the information discussed on these designs for the sole purpose of higher education with a required link to BASIL Networks website article with the author.  We also encourage forum discussions for higher education and for the student entrepreneur's who desire to start their own technical design company.  All of us that support BASIL Networks encourage honesty, free spirited independent critical thinking and unconventional problem solving for those who dare to go where most fear to tread.  Our leadership policy recognizes Complex Adaptive Leadership in order to complement and transform traditional leadership principles.  Complex Adaptive Leadership allows transparency and most of all responsibility and authority at all levels of a system with rewards that encourage a solutions and growth environment.   For more information on Complex Adaptive Leadership please see

Designs and articles on this site contain individual contact information pertaining to that design and its designer.   We request that you do not send data regarding design material to the webmaster.  Please use the contact form to contact the originator of the design or article. We encourage you to visit this site frequently as we are continually offering updates and improvements.


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