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Activate Scan

This function allows the user to start a data scan and use the parameters set in the database.  The scanned data will be displayed at the end of the scan.

Plot / Refresh Display

This function allows the user to refresh the scan

Load / Save Data File

This function also the user to Load or Save a datafile.  The function brings up the Load/Save Dialog that contains a datafile database feature for organizing a multiple set of datafiles.

Open Config Database

This function opens the Logic Analyzer Database of configurations.

[2] Current Datafile Loaded from Datafile List

This is the datafile loaded from the Load/Save File Dialog.  It informs the user of the current file displayed for convenience.

[3] TRACE Data Collection Parameters 

The Trace Parameters allow the user to visually see the trace characteristics at all times.

Trigger Status

This field shows the status of the trigger: SCAN ACTIVE - Data being collected,  SCAN OFF- Waiting to be activated.

Triggers To Start

This is the number of triggers [1 - nnnnnn] to sense before starting the data collection scan.  This allows the user to count a specific number of trigger setups.

Post Trigger Scan Time

This is the total scan time after the trigger of the time to collect the number of points specified below.

Post Trigger # of Points

The is the number of points to collect after the trigger parameters have been satisfied.


This is the number of pages of the entire scan referenced to the ZOOM control settings.  The page time width depends on the scan parameters and is automatically computed to give the best display viewing when zoomed to 100%.  Each dot is the actual Scan Time.

ZOOM Control

The zoom control allows the user to compress or expand the data collected.  The ZOOM control has the following settings: X1, X10, X20, X25, X50, X100.   These may be selected via the [<] [>] Buttons.

Pre Trigger Scan Time

This is the Pre-Trigger scan time that will be sensed after the scan has been activated.  When the trigger parameters are satisfied this data will be saved in the buffer for viewing separately.

Pre-Trigger # of Points

Pre-Trigger Number of points is the number of points saved before the trigger to the data buffer when the trigger parameters are satisfied.

Trace Scan Time

This is the actual trace scan time and is related to the Post and Pre Scan time depending on the traces being displayed.

Hex Data Value of Cursor

This is the 16 bit hex data value of the date at the cursor location.  This data is from MSB [Top Trace Bit 00] to the LSB [Bottom Trace Bit 15] Always.   This corresponds to the PTB-50 connector board.


These are the number of channels being displayed [ 1 - 16 ]

[4] Trace Time Bar Identification Parameters

This is where the Time Bar information is placed.  There are six Time Bars that may be placed anywhere on the display.  The user may select the trigger time bar from any channel.   The user also has the option of displaying the Time Bars relative to the Master Time Bar.

[5] System Reserved for future use

  This field is reserved at this time for added functions to the Trace dialog.

[6] Trace Horizontal Scroll Bar

  This is the Trace display horizontal scroll bar that allows the scrolling of the display across the entire number of pages in the Pages field.    The display is optimized to allow the best visual to zoom ration for the data collected.

[7] Identifies The Current Display Page

  The horizontal scroll bar [6] is linked to the current displayed page field to show the positioning of the data buffer.

[8] User Defined Channel Names

  The 16 channel fields allow the user to label the channel bits with useful ID names for reading and presenting the display.    These names are also save in Database and the Save File dialog for later recall.

[9] Cursor Location in Time Units

  This is a constant display when the cursor is inside the trace display region and will display the exact time position of the traces.  The field next to the channel bits names will display the logic level 0 or 1 as the cursor moves through the display.

[10] Dialog Help Information

If there is a internal help file for the protocol it will be called.   The about screen shows the registration information for the IBPD Logic Analyzer Device.

[11] Status of Last Command Executed

This is the status of the last command executed and the initialization of the Logic Analyzer Trace Dialog


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