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The Logic Analyzer Device (LAD) series for the IBPD System allows the user to collect up to 1 Meg x 16 Post trigger and up to 128K x 16 Pre-trigger data to memory at clock rates as fast as 20ns.  The LAD series is part of the IBPD System Test Instrumentation line to enhance the development of BUS protocols.

The Scan rate is selectable from 20ns to 1 second in 32 steps along with two user clock inputs (100MHz  Max) for user synchronization.  The Scan Rate and the Trigger output are available on the PushTerminal Block for synchronizing other test equipment during the data collection process.  This makes the 16 bit Logic Analyzer a practical and useful piece of test instrumentation during the development and testing cycle.

All functions in the IBPD System connect to a single USB port on  the host computer.  All protocols and functions are performed through a USB high speed Active Distribution controller.  There are provisions for additional IBPD System USB accessories in order to maintain a single USB port on the host computer.  LAD functions are controlled through propriety logic on the main controller along with active port control on the PTB-50.





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