The IBPD System core incorporates a few basic test instruments that allow the user to momnitor and test the protocols being developed.  The test instrumentation supports the standard Screw Terminal Block STB-50 as well as custom interfaces to ease setup and insure repeatability in a production environment.  There are more Test Instrumentation devices planned.  Interested buyers feel free to call and discuss what you would like to be added as part of the product line.

The test instrumentation included are:

16 Channel Logic Analyzer with IBPD-LAN Software (Model-110/210 only)

 1 Meg x16 bit post trigger buffer memory to hold sampled data
 128K x16 bit pre trigger buffer memory for pre-trigger sampled data
 32 selectable sample rates, 20ns sampling rate max
 2 external selectable user sample clock inputs (100MHz max)

2 Channel DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) with IBPD-DSO Software (Model-220 Only)

 8 bit vertical resolution each channel
 1 meg x8 storage buffer for each channel
 100 MHz, 10ns sampling simultaneously
 Vertical input gains x1, x2, x5, x10
 AC - DC coupled selectable
 External Trigger input
 +/- 10 Volts in AC/DC with x1 Probe setting
 +/- 100 Volts max with x10 probe setting

Dual 16 bit Parallel Port Controls with IBPD Control Software

 16 Bit ports A & B are byte controlled for direct or BUS R/W I/O

8 bit CPU I/O Device Port with Three Device Selects with IBPD Software

 Typical Device I/O CPU type with three Device Select and separate Read/Write lines

4 Channels Differential 16 bit Analog inputs with IBPD Software (Model-100 only)

 +/- 2.048 Volts
 Gain x1, x2, x4, x8
 15 samples per second.

4 Channels 12 bit Analog Outputs with IBPD Software (Model-100 only)

 0-2.048 / 4.095 volts, programmable gain x1 / x2
 1024 samples per second, with software

2x 4 Channels Single Ended 16 bit Analog inputs with IBPD Software (Model-200/400 only)

  +/- 4.096 Volts
  Gain x1, x2, x4, x8
  1 Meg x16 SRAM Internal Buffer
  Clock Controlled Programmable Sample Rate
  1 Meg samples per second Maximum.

2 x 2 Channels 16 bit Analog Outputs with IBPD Software (Model-200/400 only)

  0-2.048 / 4.096 volts, programmable gain x1 / x2
 1 Meg x16 SRAM Internal Buffer
 Clock Controlled Programmable Sample Rate
  1 Meg samples per second, with software






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