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The Registration & Help Dialog insures that only the modules registered to the specific IBPD Systems main program is allowed to operate in the system.  This was setup to insure the encryption features do not allow unauthorized modules to decrypt any of the files that were encrypted by any other IBPD Systems main program.  This dialog may change if or when we add customized third party devices and use their drivers in order to give recognition, credits and copyright requirements.  The dialog is called from any protocols main menu by clicking on the [i] button on the right lower corner of the dialog.




[1]- Copyrights and Credits

This section acknowledges third party IP that has been incorporated into the IBPD System

[2]- Description of the IBPD System

This is an RTF File that may be created by the manufacturer that either buys the product line or is in agreement with channel distributor.

[3]- IBPD Registration Information

Each protocol is registered to a main IBPD Systems dispatch and will not function with any other IBPD System dispatch.  Each user has the option of using the internal encryption registration or enter a user defined keyID.  If the user defined KeyID is used and lost all data encrypted with tat keyID will be lost.

[4]- Registration ID

This is the Software Application main Registration ID or serial number for the IBPD main system.  This registration number is used to identify protocol options that are allowed for the main IBPD Main Dispatch program.

[5]- Version Release of the IBPD System

Each protocol has its own release revision.  As long as they were assigned to the IBPD Systems main program regardless of the release number they will operate independently.  We do incorporate any on-line Internet connections for Update Information.  Since this is a development tool and in many cases used in a secured areas we removed automatic checking.  Updates are checked manually at the users discretion then downloaded and installed with our install function. Registration information is used to create the update and encrypt the update prior to downloading and will only install in the registered IBPD System purchased.

[6]- End Users License Agreement

This is a standard BASIL Networks EULA that is also on line at BASIL Networks EULA. Since each protocol / API is unique the EULA is part of each protocols main dialog.


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