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The Create / Modify a project allows the user to create a new project from the beginning or modify a selected project from the "Open Project" menu prior.  This is an automatic step if a project has not been highlighted in the "Open Project" dialog.

Creating a new project is a simple three step process.  

  1. Create a project name in the project name field.  The project file is automatically created from the name so only the name is required.
  2. Create or browse for a top level directory for the project.  The top level directory is where the user may put other design files and information for the new project.  The IBPD System will create one sub directory for the project called IBPD\ this is where all the IBPD protocol directories are maintained by the IBPD System.   The user has full control of the IBPD\ sub-directory, it is recommended that the user allow the IBPD system to maintain these directories through the system for organization simplicity.
  3. Select the desired protocol, devices and accessories for the new project.  Only the protocols, devices and accessories that have been registered to the IBPD System running will be displayed.
  4. Enter any project information that will help in setting up the project, special instructions etc that may be helpful for future reuse.
  5. Clicking  on the "Create New Project" Button will create the project.





RETURN - Return to the calling Dialog,  IBPD System MAIN MENU  or  Open Project.

Create New Project - When check [x]  Create new Project is selected Button Changes to "Create new Project"
Update Project  - When check [x] Add to Current Workspace is selected the Button changes to 'Update Project"


[2]Project Filename to Edit or Create

This is the Project Filename to ecdit or crteate.  The File is normally in the TopDir\IBPD directory.  When entereing this dialog from the Open Projects function the selected project and it parameters are autmatically transferred and the add to project checkbox is active.   The Skip Existing Files [x] is checked as not to change any other parameters already setup in the IBPD SaveSet directories.  When you create a new Project you normally set the Overwrite File [x] checkbox, however any of the selections may be used depending on how the user wants to keep older files and directories.

[3]Project Name and Top Directory

This is the Top Directory full path of where the project is to reside.  The subdirectory IBPD is created to store the SaveSets of the protocols and devices selected.

[4]Installed Protocols and Devices

The registered protocols and devices for the system are opened for selection.  the remaining checkboxes are disabled.  The user may select all or any numebr of active selections to be part of the project.

[5]Project Description

This is the description of the project setup by the user.   In the event this file gets misplaced this is some information of what and where this file was used.  

[6]Project Dialog Help Info

The Help button [?] will bring up additional information for this dialog.


This field will display the status of the last executed command.


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