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The Projects Dialog allows the user to Open an existing project, Modify an existing project or simply create a new project.  Projects have an internal name that the user uses to identify the project as well as a full path-filename*.prj that is used to browse the system.  The user simply checks the box to create a new project or to modify check the Add To Current Workspace boxes.   When creating a new project the user just types in the project name and the filename is created,  The next step is to create or open a directory where the project is to be placed.   The user may enter a project decryption  or edit the decryption at a later date.




This group allows the user to Open an existing project group, Modify an existing project or simply create a new project. The group of projects is a user created list file of any number of projects the user decides to organize by name. The group list file is generally saved in the SS_IBPD\ IBPD_LST directory.

Save Projects List - Save the project in the project listing [6]list box.

Create/Modify Project - This function calls up the Create/Modify Project dialog below

[2]Projects List Filename

This filename *.lst extension contains a list of projects and all the associated protocols and directories that will be displayed in the "Project Listing" listbox. Highlighting a selection in the Project Listing listbox will display the associated protocols assigned to that project in the "Project Protocols" listbox.

[3]Project Information Filename,
[4]File Project Name and Top Directory,

[5]User Login name and Computer name

This section is automatically filled in when the user clicks to highlights a project in the "Project Listing" listbox.  This will inform the user of the projects creation, last modified and last access times and dates.  In addition the Project name, Top directory the Users Login Name and Computer name that created or last modified the project is also displayed.  The User Name and Computer name is changed when the user modifies the project.

[6]Project List by Project Filename

The list is created by the user to organize a group of projects with similar protocol properties etc. The list may be edited using the edit buttons below the list.  Highlighting a project in the list will display the project parameters including the protocols selected for the project.  The user may modify the projects protocols by selecting the project and clicking the "Create / Modify Project" button section [1] in the dialog.

[7]Project Comments

Project files can become confusing with only a filename to identify them.  The IBPD system allows the user to add comments to identify the files intent and usage.  This helps organize a project in the event the file gets copied or gets separated from the original project.  This is a 4K space for project identification information and is in Rich text Format allowing full color and paragraph tags etc.  the graphics and links have been disable to conserve space.  Users may still create RTF with many editor programs as well as use the IBPD RTF editor build in to every protocol.

[8] Project Help

This menu with more detail.

[9]Status of last executed command

This is where information on last executed command will be displayed.  It is common to all protocols and dialogs.

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