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The Model-2xx, 4xx, 6xx, 8xx are reserved for interested buyers only.  Please feel free to contact us for further information.  The Model X20 Controller that supports many of the advanced high speed features include three USB 2.0 expansion ports for the Universal Analog I/O and the Universal Temperature Controller.  The main difference is there are no slave devices on the controller, slave devices used for EEPROM substution / emulation during development are offered as a separate accessories.  

The Push Terminal Boards support multiple protocols including 1-Wire, Micro-Wire and several other protocols on the terminal boards.

These models are accessories that allow the user to expand the IBPD into a full set of instrumentations for developing new product lines.  There are an unlimited set of instrumentation and BUS development configurations by the addition of these accessory modules that makes the IBPD System a flexible and useful tool to any development engineer.   Universal Temperature Controller Software Protocol

IBPD Model-X20 Controller block diagram attached to the Advanced Controller via the USB expansion port



IBPD Model-X20 Controller Proof of Design Pre-production

The IBPD Universal Temperature Controller (Model-x20) is a stand alone controller that integrates into the IBPD System with our Click&Add-On feature.  It requires only one USB uplink port and will support up to 256 Universal Temperature Sensor channels.  The standard eight platinum RTD inputs allow advanced accurate temperature measurements by monitoring the CJC block temperature for the thermocouples.  These well also accept voltage output temperature sensors also.  The eight inputs are under program control only and return a temperature when requested under program control.  The IBPD Expansion BUS is a 50MHz parallel/serial BUS architecture designed to parallel up to 64 expansion cards.




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