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The IBPD System Model-100 / 110 standard features integrate the Universal Protocol Controllers that supports all the standard serial /8bit-Parallel protocols as well as custom protocol development.  The Model-100 supports four channels 16 bit analog input and four channels 12 bit analog outputs along with an I²C and SPI Slave device.

The Model 110 is a add-on mezzanine board for the Logic analyzer high speed SRAM and the Digital Storage Oscilloscope.  A single USB 2.0 uplink port is required for the controller and it is returned to the user with a USB 2.0 port for expansion or user devices.   The model-110 supports a full 16 bit logic analyzer with 10ns sample rates and a 1 Meg x 16 bit SRAM buffer and a two channel 100MSPS Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) with 1 MEG buffer per channel.  The full set of features and specs are listed below.



IBPD System Model-100 / 110 Features

2 Standard Universal Programmable Protocol Controllers (UPPC)

 Bit / Byte Controller with serial clock bit stream control to synchronize data with clock
 Data bit transfer programmable on Rising / Falling clock edges or Center of data bit
 Serial/Parallel Speeds up to 24 MHz Standard I/O Speed max
 Supports many serial and/or serial-parallel type protocols

I²C Protocol Controller IBPD System Software

 Allows Data Transfer To / From Slave Devices

I²C Slave Device with IBPD Slave Software (Model-100 only)

 Allows Data Transfer To / From Controllers

SPI Protocol Controller IBPD System Software

 Allows Data Transfer To / From Slave Devices

SPI Slave Device with IBPD Slave Software (Model-100 only)

 Allows Data Transfer To / From Controllers

Dual 16 bit Parallel Port Controls with IBPD Control Software

 16 Bit ports A & B are byte controlled for direct or BUS R/W I/O

8 bit CPU I/O Device Port with Three Device Selects with IBPD Software

 Typical Device I/O CPU type with three Device Select lines and separate Read/Write lines

4 Channels Differential 16 bit Analog inputs with IBPD Software (Model-100 only)

 +/- 2.048 Volts
 Gain x1, x2, x4, x8
 15 samples per second.

4 Channels 12 bit Analog Outputs with IBPD Software (Model-100 only)

 0-2.048 / 4.095 volts, programmable gain x1 / x2
 1024 samples per second, with software

16 Channel Logic Analyzer with IBPD-LAN Software (Model-110 only)

1 Meg x16 bit post trigger buffer memory to hold sampled data
128K x16 bit pre trigger buffer memory for pre-trigger sampled data
32 selectable sample rates, 10ns sampling rate max
2 external selectable user sample clock inputs (100MHz max)

2 Channel DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope)  IBPD-DSO Software

 8 bit vertical resolution each channel.
 1 meg x8 storage buffer for each channel.
 100 MHz, 10ns sampling simultaneously.
 Vertical input gains x1, x2, x5, x10.
 AC - DC coupled selectable.
 External Trigger input.
 +/- 10 Volts in AC/DC with x1 Probe setting.
 +/- 100 Volts max with x10 probe setting.

CLADS Command Line Argument Development System Software IP

 Create Command Line Argument Commands for any application that supports CLA options.
 Create C Header file for user program implementation.
 C language Command Line Parser to control CLA commands in user developed API's.
 Create Shortcut Link.
 Create and/or modify Intel-Hex files.
 Reformat Intel Hex files to 16, 32 byte data lengths.

Standard C library for developing separate functions and custom drivers

 Create Custom Command Line Arguments to access all IBPD functions.

Standard (8"x4.25"x1.5") plastic enclosure or Custom Metal Enclosure

 Custom enclosures designed to users specifications available.

Standard push terminal interconnection set or custom interface connectors

 Custom interfaces to users test system are available - special connectors and cables.

Many other protocols negotiable and are on-going in development

 The IBPD roadmap is on-going and is intended to address the cost effective development.
   needs in order to develop new products incorporating new technologies with a competitive edge.



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