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The PTB-3040-1 are the Interconnect  Push Terminal Boards for the IBPD System Model-100/110/210/220 controllers.  The IBPD Push Terminal Boards vary in number of push terminals depending on the IBPD Controller Model selected.  The PTB series gives the user easy push terminal access for all digital/analog functions for the selected controller.  The PTB series ships with a removable cover and blank panels for user customization, easy installation and protection from the elements.

  • Separate 5 volt DC 250 MA programmable user power terminals for each Universal Controller Port.
  • Separate 3.3 volt DC 250 MA power terminals for user power
  • Altera, Xilinx, and Latice In-System-Programmers (ISP) incorporating an advanced cable connection system to support development and manufacturing.

The addition of third party support for Altera, Xilinx, and Latice In-System-Programmers (ISP) incorporating an advanced cable connection system to support development and manufacturing.  There are many different connector configurations that developers use for ISP devices incorporated into their product development.  The problem arises when you have to make a different interface cable for each product to connect from the third party ISP to fit your products ISP configuration.  To solve this the IBPD-PTB-3040-1 incorporates two common headers a 10 pin common for the Altera ByteBlaster series and Latice ISP's, and a second 14 pin 2mm header common for the Xilinx TIC ISP.  These were incorporated on the PTB-3040-1 for convenience since each of these manufacturers have their own design software and custom programmers built in.  The use of the User Link Buttons allow easy access and setup for these and any other third party application to be linked to the IBPD System.

The signal lines for both third party ISP connectors are routed to a flexible configurable small connector header that uses crimp pins for the matching socket which easily allows the user to make up any type of ISP connector cable.  Over the years we have standardized our ISP configurations to use the same pin configuration for JTAG for several chip manufactures and obviously reduces the number of different cables.  We routed the JTAG signal lines to be the same for the different manufacturers ISP device allowing a single cable to be used for both manufacturers ISP's.

There are two user configurable headers for each of the third party ISP devices, a 6 pin header that is dedicated to JTAG configurations where the signal lines are labeled for easy assembly for both Altera and Xilinx ISP programmers.   This allows a standard manufacturing configuration for developing products that incorporate CPLD's, FPGA's or ISP type devices from different chip manufacturers.  The 10 pin header connector brings out all the signal lines for the remaining type of ISP configurations that the selected third party programmer may offer.  The last ISP connector is a single 6 pin 50mil Center header that is incorporated for the Altera JTAG ISP only. This was added as a suggested standard that we have been using for several years as a standard for our product development.  The 6 pin and 10 pin ISP connectors are Molex Pico-Lock 1.5mm pitch wire to board connectors.  The crimp pins and connectors are readily available through global distribution.  The IBPD-PTB-3040-1 is shipped with two sets of mating connectors and crimp pins for the configurable headers.

The 30 and 40 pin interface connectors are Samtec TFM series high density connectors that incorporate a key and interlock mechanism.  Our standard cables are one foot long, however special lengths may be custom ordered for specific applications.  Cables up to 36 inches are available on special order.



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