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10 Jan, 2017

What Blog Software platform is used on BASIL Networks, PLLC Website?

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We are using LifeType Open Source Blog Platform.  We have tested many platforms and decided on LifeType because of its flexibility and easy integration into our website.  BASIL Networks websites style is able to be maintained easily with LifeType due to opensource. The Lifetype blog platform is professionally written in PHP.

English is the only language pack installed. Managing multiple languages is something we may review in the future.  Please insure all comments are in English or they will not be posted.

Thank You


10 Jan, 2017

Running A Blog - Managing Platform and Content

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Blog Platforms:
We have been discussing adding a blog to BASIL Networks for a few years prior.  It was a surprise to find out that there are really no direct answers to the "maintenance time" element.  However, the "managing content" issue is the real consideration on time allotment.  There are two scenarios that have to be taken into consideration.

First is renting time on someone else's server like a website service that already incorporates a blog platform for the user to hit the ground running.  Second is running your own servers like many companies do.  Here at BASIL Networks we run and own our own servers on site.   This means we require a stand-alone blog platform that may be integrated into the website and be flexible enough to keep the BASIL Networks websites theme. 

The time element is also directly proportional to the Blog Platform selected.  If the platform is poorly designed then the time is increased, LifeType platform used here is one of the best designed platforms both code and features organization on the market and out performs the majority of blog platforms today.

When I decided to publish an educational blog on a common hardware design platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) it was understood that this would be a time consuming endeavor.  Educational content for blogs IMHO is a transfer of knowledge and is the most time consuming and the most rewarding.

Today companies almost require a blog to market their products and address their followers with current company information.

The other consideration is for education - a two way conversation for those that want to use the Internet to learn.  BASIL Networks has two ways to communicate for the reader for education and growth.  The Blog writer may setup a personal e-mail communications either encrypted for privacy or plain that are not published on the blog or use the blog comment platform and the author of the blog will respond for all to read. The user may use BASIL Networks public contact form link at the end of each publication.

We are implementing an e-mail confirmation process, "register to comment" on the blog and will require the minimum of your real name and general location along with an alias name for posting.  The URL link will remain for those that wish to give their company or personal website advertisement.  This is to discourage spham as many blogs experience and we also had our share of spham.

We encourage those that want to learn from this blog to register and follow the curriculum, ask questions and learn at their own pace.

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