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The BASIL Networks Public Blog contains information on Product Designs, New Technologies. Manufacturing, Technology Law, Trade Secretes & IP, Cyber Security, LAN Security, Product Development Security

Category: BN'B Posts Q&A All Categories

What Blog Software platform is used on BASIL Networks, PLLC Website?

We are using LifeType Open Source Blog Platform.  We have tested many platforms and decided on LifeType because of its flexibility and easy integration into our website.  BASIL Networks websites style is able to be maintained easily with LifeType due to opensource. The...

Running A Blog - Managing Platform and Content

Blog Platforms: We have been discussing adding a blog to BASIL Networks for a few years prior.  It was a surprise to find out that there are really no direct answers to the "maintenance time" element.  However, the "managing content" issue is the real...
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