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10 Jan, 2017

Running A Blog - Why Are All Comments Moderated?

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For several years before BN'B was initiated several of our colleagues would discuss comments on our publications, some were encouraging, some critiques were positive and some negative but educational. Then there were the clowns that just wanted to see their comment published that had nothing to do with the subject matter and some want to advertise their products in any way they can.

This large span of behavior lead all of us to believe that moderating all comments would be in the best interest of the publications as well as those who are interested in visiting and reading our publications.

Moderating comments for a couple of publications is not very time consuming, however as this blog grows, I am sure we will have to hire a moderator for the blog.   Our intention is to publish current educational information on several categories.

The other parts of moderating all posts is the amount of repeat individuals that try to use this blog as advertisement by putting their website in the Authors field or attaching their URL to the post comments. Worse yet the "Click here for my site" or something like that nonsense. For a while we did allow this however if a name (screen name or other name) not a URL or click on my site it will be deleted.

The URL in the comment area that is allowed is the author's user profile connected to a social network that is accessible globally.  If the URL is a website for any form of marketing or is not a https:// URL it the comment will be deleted.  If it appears several times it will be flagged as SPHAM and will be trashed automatically. 

Authors Name or screen name appears with the comment if it is anything other than a screen name, the comment post will automatically be deleted when scanned for content. 

Since many of the comments posted attach the URL's to the comment area and give the URL in the requested field that are not https:// type validated websites with a SSL certificates we will not post the comment.   Certs for websites today are even available free is some areas, also pricing ranges from $10.00 USD and above.
BASIL Networks has added a registration process in order to comment on the publications.  The intent of the registration process is to maintain a professional communications status at all times for those individuals participating in our educational publications and eliminate spham.  See BASIL Networks Privacy Policy for more information.
Participation in the project type blogs is requested through the contact from on the website and provided within the blog.

10 Jan, 2017

Running A Blog - Publications Rights and Permissions

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BASIL Networks has had several requests to reprinting or publish parts of our content on other websites and for use in a classroom environment.

This web site presents several designs developed and owned by BASIL Networks. These designs have been released by BASIL Networks.

Some of these designs contain intellectual property, therefore, commercial use of these designs require the specific written permission and authorization of BASIL Networks.

In support of academic growth, BASIL Networks authorizes students and education facilities to utilize the information discussed on these designs for the sole purpose of higher education. A reference to this website BASIL Networks in the form of a link to the publication and author.  

We also encourage forum discussions for higher education and for the student entrepreneurs who desire to start their own technical design company.

All of us that support BASIL Networks encourage honesty, free spirited independent critical thinking and unconventional problem solving for those who dare to go where most fear to tread.

Below is an example of the link

Publishing this series on a website or reprinting is authorized by displaying the following, including the hyperlink to BASIL Networks, PLLC either at the beginning or end of each part.
BASIL Networks, PLLC - Internet of Things (IoT) - Security, Privacy, Safety - The Information Plaground Part-2: IPv4 and IPv6: The Ins and Outs of IP Internet Addressing (November 11, 2016)

For Website Link: cut and past this code:

<p><a href="" target="_blank"> BASIL Networks, PLLC - Internet of Things (IoT) - Security, Privacy, Safety - The Information Playground Part-2 - IPv4 and IPv6: <i>The Ins and Outs of IP Internet Addressing</i></a> (November 11, 2016)</p>


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