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Welcome to BASIL Networks, PLLC Blog  .  We have been talking about implementing this blog for a few years now and kept asking ourselves if BASIL Networks, PLLC really needs a blog since many of our consulting services are confidential.  This year we have decided to go the direction of commercial product development and let the users of out new products comment on them.  We will continually adjust this page until we have developed an easy and efficient way to organize the blog by product and discussions.

We are not going to bore you with several pages of do's and don't's, however this is our home and like all homes when entering have some basic rules.  There are only a few simple rules for posting to this blog.  This is not a Register to comment type blog and we do not track anyone that wants to contribute to this blog.  It is a public blog for BASIL Networks, PLLC products and may be searched via standard search engines.  Since we do not require any login or registration to post here we do require that you fill in your name and E-mail address on the Blog Comment Reply for posting along with an alias for the comment.  The Alias is optional and if left blank then it will be blank on the post.  You do not have to purchase a product to participate on this blog however, using the products would be appreciated.

The BASIL Networks Blog BnB was designed by LifeType open source blog software and is incorporated into the BASIL Networks web and operated by BASIL Networks, PLLC.  This entire site is encrypted for your security and privacy.

  • Main Rule - Professional Respect must be maintained for all posts.  No profanity or abusive language.  We do allow and encourage constructive criticism about the products.
  • 2nd Rule - Absolutely no advertising or product links to other sites.
  • 3rd Rule - Post only what you have legal right to post.  No copyright material unless you own the rights to it.  If you own the rights and post it here you are giving BASIL Networks the right to post and is exempt from any and all liability that may arise.
  • 4th Rule - We monitor and review all posts and will E-Mail the individual if we have to pull a post with the reason why.  We will always give the individual the opportunity to edit their post again and resubmit it.  This process is incorporated in order to maintain the integrity and the level of professionalism our peers expect from this site.  If you continually attempt to disrupt or submit inappropriate posts to the blog without respect you will be terminated from posting to the site.
  • 5th Rule - We do not post any E-Mail addresses or locations.  We are only interested in professional content about the selected products.

OK, now that we displayed the rules, enjoy the blog.
Thank You for participating
The BASIL Networks Team

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