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Internet of Things (IoT) -Security,Privacy,Safety -The Information Playground
IoT Core Platform Development Project   Dec 7, 2018
Part 15: 
- Peripheral I/O Development - Analog Input Peripheral Device Design - Continued


NEW- Interactive BUS Protocol Development (IBPD) System Solutions Product Line Register to download a free Working Demo
Manufacturers & Developers Exclusive, No Royalties, Direct Sale, Software and Hardware.

Imagine test equipment for development and  manufacturing that has an indefinite usage life for your company, for your manufacturers in-house and/or offsite.  The  Interactive BUS Protocol Development (IBPD) system grows as the company grows, adds protocols and test interface control as you need them, loads and runs from the cloud or local server is fully AES256 encrypted.  Multiple users with fully controlled access from a central single project manager, handles multiple projects.  Runs on Windows® XP to Windows® 10 32/64 bit systems without having to install, just click and run on desktop or laptop.

Setup different test and interfaces and be able to repeat the entire setup with a singe click.  Setups are saved in project directories of the users choice and saved for future use. No more trying to figure out the setup of tests performed in the past, just go to the directory, activate and all the setup processes and documentation and initial calibration data are just a click away.

No more COTS discontinued products when you need them the most and have to build new test equipment.  The end user fully owns the software and custom hardware with a single one time perpetual licence fee to assemble as many systems for the licensed company as needed with no extra fees.  There is a Calibration and Asset Management (CAM) system integrated in the main software to track the certification of the hardware and location where ever to insure it is always ready for use.  Hardware and software access are also controlled by encryption to prevent misuse in sensitive controlled environments and labs.

BASIL Networks will offer a custom program that meets developers and manufactures needs to program and test devices in multiple locations using our Reliability, Repeatability, Functionality and Time saving (R2FT) methodology to insure outsourcing and multiple manufacturing plants are totally in sync with equipment that meet the highest quality manufacturing standard in today's environment.

Standard and custom protocols and accessories development offered at a fraction of the base IBPD initial system insures the longevity and product reuse to reduce TCO.

    Install on Stand-Alone Laptops / Desktops,
    Internal File Server and / or Cloud File Server



Completely modular Click&Add-on accessories
See Hardware and System Specifications

Just a few of the many Product Line Features
Completely modular
Click&Add-on accessories
More Add-On devices are scheduled in our development roadmap

Long Product Life Cycle Windows® XP-32 bit, Win7-32/64 bit, Win8.x-32/64 bit. Win10-32/64 bit

 On going development of new protocols, devices and accessories insures the longevity of the product line.
 Reduced TCO by offering additional protocols, devices & accessories at a fraction of the base cost.
 Universal platform for the IoT and embedded systems, add encryption security to IoT device development.

Software Tested on Windows® XP -32 bit,  Win7-32/64bit,  Win8.x-32/64 bit , Win10.x

 Multi-User on Local File Server or Cloud File Server, unlimited users, no additional licenses required.
 AES-256 encryption user controlled for security and compartmentalization of projects.
 Create, open/modify projects identified by User & Computer Name for controlled access.
 Calibration & Asset Management System for tracking all hardware, software and project equipment.

Software Currently Being Tested on Red Hat Enterprise Linux  5.x 32/64 Bit

 Testing being scheduled for RHEL 6, Suse and Ubuntu Linux Operating Systems.

Modular Connectivity - Run the IBPD System From TCP/IP, Wireless WiFi, USB

 USB - Single port connection - Internal active USB HUB connects other modules.
 USB connection tested with 50ft. active USB extension for control room capability.
 WiFi wide band 802.11a,b,g,n, ac - WEP, WPA, WPA2, AES.
 TCP/IP Wired  - 802.1X Authentication, AES.
 AES-256 Security interface on all connectivity devices.

Many other protocols negotiable and are on-going in development.

 The IBPD roadmap is on-going and is intended to address cost effective development
   needs to create  new products incorporating new technologies with a competitive edge.

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The IBPD ( Interactive BUS Protocol Development ) System 'Solution' is a unique tool for software and hardware developers and manufacturers to handle the tedious task of development files and hardware.  The IBPD System solution eases the task of organizing hardware, software, firmware and project specifications and design information for devices under development. The IBPD System makes the application of multiple protocols, real world sensor data collection and security during the design and development process simple with full compartmentalization in a user controlled single or multi-user environment.

Test equipment used in development and manufacturing test equipment will always be a debate for scheduling a product development and generally gets put aside for a multitude of reasons that will not matter when the need arises for test and manufacturing test equipment for production builds.  A central top level program for specific protocols and interfaces that are certified and traceable to be used through the corporation with a central location and runs on Windows® XP through Windows® 10 operating systems seamlessly without separate installation not only save money for TCO but is a time saver for hardware conformity it follows the rules for product quality by incorporating Reliability, Repeatability, Functionality and Time saving (R2FT) methodology

Another issues arises when corporations that have multiple locations that perform complex sub-assemblies to complete a system and the manufactured device programs OK in one locations but it does not program in another location using the same "type of  interface" or programmer.  This is because there are separate test departments, separate COTS manufacturers fo similar products and they all have their own way of developing test equipment.

With the current IoT arena many developers are faced with new challenges to organize and compartmentalize the development of the latest technology globally without compromising their IP or trade secrets.  This issue is now exacerbated by the number of security breaches that exists today, business difficulties of hackers stealing intellectual property and selling it on the open market with very few criminal convictions. The toll on business is large lawyer fees and market share losses without ever recovering from the theft.

Embedded systems require a Quality of Service (QoS) that depends on two major areas, 1. the hardware and 2. the software communication.  The hardware QoS at the chip level is now very high, we are still working on the manufacturing level smaller PCB trace sizes, power limitations and of course the smaller chip size and mounting pads with lead free solder, via's through pads etc. determine the reliability for commercial applications.  The software however depends on communications to control what ever processes it is attached to. This requires high reliability protocols that are capable of not only maintaining communications but doing it securely to prevent hacking and other type intermitting intrusions.

Organizational Product Development:

The IBPD is ideal for multiple development projects globally allowing full AES256 encryption to protect Intellectual Property and trade secrets.  Developers, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and manufacturers will benefit for the ease of setup and organizational features of the IBPD System.   

The IBPD System addresses product development needs required in a development lab environment where the BUS hardware protocol design as well as the software protocols for devices have to be carefully tested.  The IBPD System incorporates organizational features for the developer to easily maintain a multiple number of devices and protocols in a database format designed specifically for each BUS protocol and test instrumentation.  Database files include device protocol directories, unique setup parameters for programming each device, datasheet directories, revision and creation file data and where used category information.  Databases and associated files are at the users discretion as to where to store them, locally or in a network server.   User defined directories for each project and protocol are only a click away.  This allows the developer to immediately recall the device, setup all programming parameters and test the device with a click of the mouse.  No complex setup processes or special codes to type into setup a test for a product.

The IBPD is a modular system that allows Click&Add-on instrumentation and protocols from a single USB. TCP/IP or Wifi ports.  Most of the time the developer is burdened with putting together a quick temporary protocol controller, interface device and has to program all the unique codes for the devices to be programmed.  The issue is  these quick thrown together interfaces and devices lack the quality to meet the standard test instrumentation requirements of Reliability, Repeatability, Flexibility and Time saving ( R2FT ) for any standard development. The IBPD System solution allows an easy central repository of multiple protocols, test setups, testing accessories,software, firmware and project documentation along with the flexibility to add modules and new accessories as required at any time.   The IBPD System solution keeps track of all the devices, protocols and setups in a simple one click database for each project.  The databases are easily stored on a network server for multiple access and the release version may be encrypted and stored for safe keeping.   Development projects are maintained in a project directory that contains all the IBPD data files for the project allowing compartmentalization and encryption of each project and revision.  The IBPD System is a great time saver with the inherent features to organizing protocols, device firmware, device communication software protocols, single click recall for reliable reuse and setup.  The added  instrument features like the 16 bit logic analyzer and the dual channel DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope), Universal Temperature Controller, Analog I/O adds the needed test capabilities for product development testing in real time.

One of the many features that stands out in today's laptop and desktop operating system world is that the IBPD System runs on Win XP-SP3, Win7, 8.x 10. 32/64 Bit and Win8.x-32/64 bit Windows® Systems.  Installing the IBPD System on a local server or a cloud server allows a single source for multiple users without the cost of multiple user licenses as well as a central location for the IBPD System API to add additional protocols and other IBPD accessories making them readily accessible to all users.  Installing the IBPD System on a Server allows access to multiple Window OS Platforms both 32 bit and 64 bit without having to install separate IBPD Systems on each desktop or laptop.  If installed on a cloud server the entire installation is encrypted and requires a pass phrase to run on the individual laptop or desktop.  This allows complete compartmentalization security with the user controlled project encryption.

When using the IBPD System in a test and measurement environment, easily test different sensors with different protocols at the same time, store the test data in files then use your own computational API's or use the IBPD user links to call third party programs like MatLab etc. to process the resultant data.   The user also has the option of creating their own computational analysis and incorporate it right into the IBPD System by using the IBPD Command Line options to run the system automatically.  All features for each protocol that the user performs manually may be automated in the Command Line Argument Mode using the CLADS development tool.

The IBPD System also works in a Command Line Mode for use with third party data collection programs that accept the standard EXE command line like: IBPD-SYS.exe "/CMD = Prgm256byteEEPROM.cla".  There are a series of command line argument commands that allow the control and setup of the IBPD System with a single command line argument (*.CLA) file.

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