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I don't trust my coffee maker!
My refrigerator keeps texting "FEED ME!!!"

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Have you ever asked any of these questions?

  • Is there "real Security" for all these interconnected IoT devices?
  • Is there "real Privacy" for all these IoT devices with cameras, microphones, etc.?
  • Do I have "real Control over all these accessories, cameras, microphones, etc.?
  • Is IoT Security, Privacy, Control and Safety even possible?
  • These questions and many more will be answered as we continue our featured blog
    IoT Core Platform Development Project

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    Even the experienced design engineer asks the same questions about security, privacy, control and safety, especially today with all the new regulations being implemented.  Breaches happen every day now and IoT devices are continually being hacked to access networks even from fish tanks controllers (yes, that really happened).  GDPR has been implemented and we now read about huge fines levied on corporations for breaches even when all the compliance's are implemented.

    So, how do we address these issues, designing in hardware, firmware and software that will make it extremely difficult if not impossible to hack the network?   These and other questions are addressed in this comprehensive educational series that takes you from the basic crawling stage to the high pace running marathon to win the race.

    BASIL Networks Featured Blog Series - IoT Core Platform Development Project

    This series applies to both management and technologists.  Managements understanding of the development issues when implementing security, privacy and safety allows them to make better decisions during project development and for the technologist designing this is both a great review for the seasoned designer and a great foundation for the new technologist to the IoT arena.

    OK - What is the advantage of this IoT Platform development series?

    • This Development Series gives Marketing, Sales and Engineering the tools that are essential for incorporating good project development practices.
    • A complete interactive Project Development System for Reliability Traceability throughout the development process.
    • An IoT core Platform that is Secure, Private, Safe and is easily adapted to both commercial and advanced security applications.
    • The Security methodologies are complex obfuscating methodologies that are fully controlled by the user.
    • Standard NIST algorithms are also easily implemented for those applications that require standard compliance encryption.
    • No maintenance hooks or backdoors that many IoT platforms covertly designed in that will compromise access.

    Signup now to get a heads-up on new additions and
    enter our drawing for a complete IoT Core Platform System



    OK, The Core IoT Platform Development series was created to give you the answers, methods and most of all the actual Core IoT Platform hardware that is Modular easy to customize for any application because it was designed and developed using MDM (Modular Design Methodology).

    When you sign up you are automatically entered in our drawing to win the complete hardware / software OS / firmware development system for the Core IoT Platform, or the "Interactive Project Development System" or the Interactive BUS Protocol Development System Software.  At the end of  the series we will randomly select the winners for several of the drawings.



    Part 19 - Latest Addition To The  IoT Platform Project Series

    Internet of Things (IoT) - Security,Privacy,Safety - The Information Playground
    IoT Core Platform Development Project  June 17, 2019
    Part 19: 
    - Peripheral I/O Development - Real World Testing  - Continued

    Overview for Part 19:
    In Part 19 the Interface Test Fixture's (ITF)  - CPLD's BUS interface Architecture and Direct Memory Access Buffer - ITF Development Continued.
    Developing the timing diagrams for the Direct Memory Access Buffer for the ITF.




    BASIL Networks, PLLC is a consultant firm that designs and develops turnkey manufacture ready products and product lines for manufacturers by incorporating new and current technologies.  BASIL Networks also designs and develops custom machine interface controllers for manufacturing.  Increase the ROI of your capital equipment by updating the interface to comply with the current process equipment.  BASIL Networks is aware that there are many production systems in place that run on older OS releases in which updates and other interfacing are no longer supported or available, BASIL Networks supports development for all windows OS releases for those that are unable to upgrade for many reasons.  

    BASIL Networks, is actively involved in research and development of new and existing technologies.  Here is a summary of our services and capabilities, feel free to contact us to discuss your need and expectations.


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